C. Carlyle Rood
4492 Kings Chase NE
Marietta GA 30067


University of Georgia - Terry College of Business

Athens GA
1988 to 1992

Earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management Sciences & Information Technology.

Georgia Institute of Technology - College of Computing

Atlanta GA
1995 to 1996

Reached midpoint of curriculum toward a Master of Science degree in Computer Science.

University of Georgia - College of Environment & Design

Athens GA
2001 to 2004

Earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree.

Experience - Software Development

Wolters Kluwer - CCH Small Firm Services

Software Developer
Kennesaw GA
Jan 2015 to Present

Hired full-time to develop professional tax and accounting software for both the Windows desktop and Web.

  • TaxWise Online Professional Tax Software
    • Developing and maintaining a tax application for the Web using C#, Visual Basic, and JavaScript.
    • Revised the user interface using Bootstrap and custom CSS classes.
  • ATX Professional Tax Software
    • Maintained a tax application for the Windows desktop using C# and WPF.
    • Integrated account management software into existing tax application.
    • Integrated tax research tools and documentation into exisiting tax application.
.NET C# Visual Basic JavaScript jQuery CSS Bootstrap WPF Oracle

Convergent Media Systems Corporation

Software Developer
Alpharetta GA
Oct 2012 to Jan 2015

Contracted through Insight Global to develop software to remotely monitor network devices and media equipment for various clients over SNMP and create Web applications to report on health of these devices.

  • MGM Resorts Network Monitoring Software
    • Developed an MVC Web application to browse the health of network devices, including cable modems, network switches, wireless controllers, and routers.
    • Developed jQuery functions to filter and sort data within views.
    • Integrated a jQuery plug-in to chart network traffic and monitor temperatures through interactive graphs.
    • Developed a service layer to communicate with SQL Server to pass data to models in MVC.
    • Designed and developed tables, views, and stored procedures to support custom authorization solution using SQL Server.
  • Coca-Cola Times Square Monitoring Software
    • Developed a Windows service in C# to poll devices via SNMP.
    • Developed a Windows service to listen for incoming SNMP traps/notifications from a specified device.
    • Developed an MVC Web application to browse data collected via SNMP.
  • Media Caddy (TargetR)
    • Used SQL Server Reporting Services to generate monthly advertisement summaries for Cable Vision Network.
    • Redesigned Web application (MVC, jQuery) for monitoring installed caddies.
  • Sterling Jewelers (Spinetix)
    • Redesigned Web application (MVC, jQuery) for monitoring players.

Infax, Inc.

Software Developer
Duluth GA
Jul 2010 to Mar 2012

  • Designed and developed a service-oriented architecture (SOA) for sharing case (docket) information for courthouses.
    • Implemented Windows services in C# using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to provide client applications with court docket data and configuration information.
    • Created a Windows service that interfaced with a SQL Server 2008 database and maintained court docket data.
    • Created Windows services that maintained preferences for data table layout and color palettes defined using XML.
    • Created a Windows service that informed client applications if emergency notifications or advertising (images, movies, or text) should be displayed with court docket data, again defined in XML.
    • Created a client application in C# using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for displaying docket information on high-definition television monitors.
    • Created a client application in C# using Web Forms in ASP.NET for querying and displaying docket information over the Internet.
    • Created a client application using Flex for querying and displaying docket information.
    • Created a custom time class in C# to ensure banks of monitors could synchronize data updates, as well as paging updates.
  • Designed and developed a Web Forms application in C# to generate and review log entries whenever an advertisement (image, movie, or text) was started or stopped on any high-definition television monitor among predefined banks of monitors throughout a site.
    • The data store could be configured to use either XML (default) or SQL Server.
    • Log entries could be browsed by date-time, advertisement, or monitor (or any combination thereof).
    • Used AJAX to inform users when data retrieval required more than a few moments to complete.
  • Developed user manual for a previously designed application that displayed advertisements.
    • Created a traditional-print, paperback manual in PDF format using Adobe InDesign.
    • Wrote an application in C# to parse through an exported (PDF to ePUB) document to refine the layout of the manual as an eBook.
    • Adapted the eBook (in ePUB format) to be shared as a straightforward HTML Website.

Homestore.com (now Realtor.com)

Manager of Software Development – Atlanta Content Group
Atlanta GA
May 2000 to Aug 2001

  • Designed and developed a suite of financial calculators for estimating mortgage payments and home affordability.
    • Developed algorithms using the Uniform Modeling Language (UML) to make calculations using the guidance of and verification by our company’s economist.
    • Wrote Active Server Pages (ASP) in VBScript that calculated form data to produce simple, graphical table and text data in HTML.
  • Developed a Web application to display current weather conditions for a given city or zip code.
    • Wrote a script to regularly parse comma-delimited text files and populate a SQL Server database.
    • Developed Active Server Pages (ASP) in VBScript to retrieve data from SQL Server to display weather for a specified zip code.
    • Wrote a Perl script to regularly generate static HTML pages by calling these Active Server Pages for every known zip code.
    • Wrote an Active Server Page to accept a city name and return all possible matches (with links to a weather page mapped to a specific zip code).
  • Salvaged a previously developed content management application for posting articles online.
    • Corrected flaws and inefficiencies in previously developed templates and tools.
    • Rewrote templates to allow advertisers to recast our previously posted articles as a new Website sponsored by those advertisers.
  • Published a traditional-print book (The Reader’s Digest Garden Problem Solver) as a Website.
    • Wrote a script in Perl to parse an exported PDF document, strip it of extraneous information, and export the relevant information as an XML document.
    • Wrote a Perl application to generate HTML pages from XML data.
ASP VBScript C++ Perl UML CSS XML SQL Server

Digital Insight

Software Developer
Atlanta GA
Apr 1999 to Dec 1999

  • Developed cash management banking applications for community banks servicing small businesses.
ASP VBScript

Conduit Software

Software Developer
Atlanta GA
May 1998 to Mar 1999

  • Developed self-service employee benefits applications for the Internet.
ASP VBScript Java SQL Server

CNN/Sports Illustrated

Software Developer
Atlanta GA
Jul 1997 to May 1998

  • Developed the fastest, sortable sports statistics on the Internet for NHL, NCAA football and basketball.
  • Primary Technologies: Active Server Pages (ASP), VBScript, Perl, Oracle
ASP VBScript Perl Oracle

ISX Corporation

Software Developer
Atlanta GA
Apr 1996 to Jul 1997

  • Tested and debugged an air campaign planning tool.
  • Primary Technologies: C++, CGI, Unix
C++ CGI Unix

Experience - Landscape Architecture

C. Carlyle Rood, PLA

Licensed Landscape Architect
Savannah and Atlanta GA
Oct 2008 to Mar 2012, By Request

  • Designed children’s outdoor learning garden and butterfly garden for Sope Creek Elementary School.
  • Authored Drawing Plan Graphics on the Computer.
  • Taught 2-day computer graphics workshop for graduate and undergraduate landscape architecture students at Oklahoma State University.

Edward Pinckney/Associates Ltd.

Bluffton SC
Mar 2006 to Nov 2007

  • Site planning and landscape design for residential, commercial, retail, and community development.

Site Solutions LLC

Atlanta GA
Jun 2005 to Jan 2006

  • Prepared plans and specifications for commercial, retail, and residential landscape design.

Roy Ashley & Associates

Atlanta GA
Oct 2004 to Apr 2005

  • Site planning and landscape design for primarily residential and commercial development.

Michael Riley Design

Atlanta GA
Summer 2003

  • Shadowed golf course architect during construction of Governors Towne Club in Acworth GA.
  • Prepared computer graphics to model recommended design changes.



  • .NET
  • C#
  • MVC
  • jQuery
  • Razor
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • WCF
  • WPF
  • HTML
  • XML
  • ASP
  • VBScript
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • Visual Basic
  • Perl


  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Access

Adobe Creative Suite

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Flash
  • Dreamweaver

Modeling & Drafting

  • AutoCAD
  • Google SketchUp
  • hand graphics and drafting

Microsoft Office

  • Excel
  • Access
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Project

Activities & Awards


  • Member, American Society of Landscape Architects, 2009-2012.
  • Executive Committee, Member-at-Large, Georgia Chapter of ASLA, 2009-2010.
  • Newsletter Editor & Website Chair, Georgia Chapter of ASLA, 2010-2011.

Licensure & Awards

  • Landscape Architect, State of Georgia, License No. LA001543.
  • Presidential Scholar: 4 occasions; Dean’s List: 2 occasions.
  • Best New Garden, 2013 Keep Cobb Beautiful Awards: Sope Creek Elementary Learning Gardens.
  • Award of Excellence, 2010 Professional Awards, Georgia Chapter of the ASLA: Drawing Plan Graphics on the Computer.


Available Upon Request

I have a number of references available upon request. I am no longer posting them online to ensure the privacy of their contact information.